Welcome to a new school year! To get to know you a bit better, please complete the following assignment. It is due one week from when it is assigned.

Please follow the directions closely!

1. Click on "New Page" on the left side.

2. Name your page "Assignment 1 - About Me! (your name)"

3. Under "Use a Template" click on the arrow and choose "Assignment 1 - About Me!"

4. In the "Add Tags" type your name as it appears on your Student Page (if your last name initial is on your Student Page, use your last initial in your tag without a space).

5. Click "create".

6. Type your name at the top of the page and save it.

7. Create a link to this assignment on your Student Page.

8. Go to the Assignment 1 - About Me! page you created and begin completing the assignment. Be sure to save often!