Mrs. Tomasik

Please use complete sentences along with correct grammar and punctuation to answer the following questions. Please make sure your answers are not bold. You may add a picture(s) at the end, if you'd like!

1. Name two admirable qualities about your character.
Hard working and outgoing.

2. Name two qualities you look for in other people.
Trustworthiness and good character.

3. What was the best group you ever worked with? Why?
My first grade team of teachers because we supported each other no matter what, we respected each others practice and knew it was okay to make mistakes.

4. Which is your best subject in school?
I'm pretty good at all subjects, I wouldn't say one is better than the other.

5. Which subject is your favorite?
I LOVE all subjects! That's why I'm a teacher.

6. Which subject is most challenging to you?
I always struggled with science. I find it fascinating, but it doesn't always come easy for me.

7. If you could learn about anything, anything at all, what would you choose to study? Be specific.
I would like to learn about Chinese Medicine.

8. What do you like to do during recess/free time at school?
I like to plan projects for my students and help make teacher's jobs a little bit easier.

9. What do you like to do when you have free time at home?
I love to do yoga and exercise. It helps my body and brain work better for my job.

10. What activities do you like to do with your family?
I love to be outdoors, watch movies and travel.

11. If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be?
My wish would be that people would delay their judgment of others.

12. If you had one million dollars, what three things would you do first?
I would travel the world because I love to learn about different cultures. I would incorporate rest into the school/work day. I would help the less fortunate.